Romanian Fire Selector Markings
Russian Fire Selector Markings and Egypt with the Russian Receiver
Yugosllavia Fire Control Markings
As engraved by Gray Laser Engraving
Charge is $22.50 plus shipping
We have a complete library of the fire selector markings on AK-47 type weapons.  This library includes the Albania (both AKM and early Type 56), Bulgerian, Chinese (both traditional and phonetic English), Egyptian, German, Hungarian, Iraqi, North Korean, Polish (both C,P and Z, O), Romanian (1,3 and A,R) and Yugoslavian.  Charge to put fire control markings on your receiver is $22.50.  

We also have the Rear sight markings for all the above and the Factory and factory associated markings for most Kalashnikov type weapons for all the above countries

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