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We offer firearm engraving using a state of the art laser system. We do metal, reinforced polymer, wood stocks etc.

Engrave your own totally custom image or choose one from our constantly growing library. We are also experienced in reproduction engravings on a variety of historic firearms.

We are a licensed 07 FFL able to work with all types of firearms.
For manufacturers without the ability to mark their own firearms, GLE is able to engrave the manufacturers name, city, state, model and caliber as per ATF requirements.

Short Barrel Rifle Engraving , CZ Scorpion Engraving, Stock Engraving

The ATF requires a depth of no less than .003" deep and 1/16" tall.

Our Engraving exceeds the ATF spec's  and keeps you out of trouble

Any gun manufactured, imported, or made on and after January 30, 2002 must have manufacturer information placed at a minimum depth of .003” with a height no smaller than 1/16”.

This information must be engraved, cast, stamped (impressed), or otherwise conspicuously placed on the frame, receiver, or barrel.
Required information on an SBR is the model (if such designation has been made), caliber or gauge, and the manufacturer’s name (or recognized abbreviation). Also for a domestically made (SBR) the city and state (or recognized abbreviation), where you as the manufacturer made the firearm. 

The ATF requires all short barrel rifles to be engraved with the manufacturers name, city, and state. 

Since there are various models of rifle on the market there are too many possibilities for SBS Engravings to list here. 

Please send an email with the rifle model and desired engraving location. Also include a sample of the text to be engraved in your initial email.

All rifle receivers sent in for engraving  shoud be stripped of the easy stuff..........mostly to make shipping less expensive.  We can do the engraving whether the 
receiver is stripped or not.

Please email us for more info about our services, including stainless steel engraving and ring engraving.
Attention Law Enforcement & Government Agencies:
We are able to engrave badges and department logos as well as text on firearms. 
Please send us an email for more details.

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Call Bill Gray at 210-877-2400 for pricing on our pistol engraving and other leading services.

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