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Our basic philosophy is: “To manage your assets, you must be able to identify your assets.” At Gray Laser, we provide a variety of engraving services to help you identify your assets – with everything from ring engraving to stainless steel engraving. We laser engrave surgical tools with a 2-D barcode that contains a unique serial number. We also put this same number as a visual serial number and the abbreviated name of the hospital on each tool. 2-D barcodes can also be put on other valuable assets to allow them to be managed like trays and probes. Information within these barcodes can be quickly accessed such as proper sterilization procedures or how long an instrument has been in service. Click the above link for additional information.

Once you have marked an item, you must then do something with that marking. The scanner gun allows you to acquire the data contained within the marking. Now what are you going to do with that data? We give you several options with our software. All our choices are affordable and scalable. We understand that your goal is in general to manage your assets. Lets discuss your particular situation to see what fits your needs best. Call us at 210-877-2400 and ask for Bill Gray or email me at

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